Us vs The Competitors


When looking for a product, we know how daunting it can be comparing the different businesses to give your business to! To help you decide, we have outlined below why we have the edge over the competition. 

  1. Techno G Maynooth. Techno G have a great presence on Social media, particularly FaceBook. What is not obvious to customers, is that this company is a repair shop, so the products which they sell have been repaired. They also charge a massive 15 euro for delivery! The phones sold by us, smartphones direct, have been bought in in the amazing condition which you receive it in. Essentially, it is like comparing a repaired crashed car with a well taken car of car. I know which one I would choose!
  3. Fonez. This company is well established in Ireland and have a great presence online! The big difference between ourselves and Fonez, is that buy their stock from the public. This means that the phone which you are buying was traded in by somebody else, so they will be well used! The majority of their stock is sold under the VAT margin scheme, meaning that if you are claiming VAT back, you will not be able to do so. We also noticed that their warranty varies from product to product, which suggests a lack in confidence in their products! The stock we supply is all ex business, sourced from the main carrier networks & sold with full VAT. We sell each device with a warranty for over a year!
  5. CEX. Similar to Fonez, CEX buy their stock from the public. We noticed with CEX, that their phones are not all network unlocked, meaning that the majority of their phones are locked to the network the previous owner was with. They are also more expensive than us on the majority of phones!