Frequently Asked Questions


Q) What is included in the price of the phone?
A) You'll receive your device in one of our branded boxes, complete with a brand new, original cable & charger, plus a sim ejector tool. 

Q) What condition will it be in when I get it?
A) All of our refurbished devices come in a truly immaculate condition. You will struggle to find any signs of cosmetic damage, and internally, the phones are working 100% - and they have all passed our industry leading quality assurance programme. We stand over devices, we are so confident in the quality of our product that we offer an impressive warranty which lasts for over a full year!

Q) What will the battery life be like if these are refurbished devices?
A) Our team of technicians in our facility in Cork, Ireland, have checked each device for any signs of poor battery life. If our technicians deem a battery to be unsatisfactory, they are replaced with a brand new battery. All batteries are guaranteed to be at a minimum of 80% health, although the majority of the devices we send out do in fact have brand new batteries fitted!

Q)What if I’m not satisfied with something or if I change my mind? Can I return the item?
A) Yes of course, Smartphones Direct Ltd. offer a 14 Day No Quibble Money Back Guarantee when you buy your device. If you are not satisfied with the condition of the device when you receive you can send it back to us within 14 Days from the purchase date & we guarantee you a full refund. You must only pay the postage to send it back to us.  With a Brand New device, once activated we can only only repair or replace the device within the 12 month warranty.

Q) When will I get my device if I order it today?
A) Each order placed can take up to a maximum of 2 working days to validate.Once payment is received, and the order has been validated, we dispatch the order. If the order is validated before 2pm, it will be dispatched at 3pm, otherwise it will be dispatched the next working day

Q) Do you give a warranty with your pre owned used devices?
A) Yes, all products sold by us come with our industry first, one year and one day warranty!

Q) How do I know I will get my device when I order & pay for it?
A) We use 3D secure as an extra layer of security, for both you the buyer, and us, the seller. 3D Secure is a secure online payment system developed by Visa or MasterCard to protect your credit card against unauthorised use online. 3D Secure works by using a password that you create as your unique online identifier. You then use your 3D Secure Password to validate online transactions with participating online retailers.