Device Quality

When you buy from Smartphones Direct, you are buying quality. Our brand new devices are unopened, and come with the original manufacturers warranty. Our refurbished devices are all in immaculate condition - they are so good that we offer a warranty for over a full year. 


Our team of technicians in our Cork facility examine each and every phone that leaves our warehouse. If our technicians feel that the device is not grade A quality, we do not approve it - and it is returned to our supplier.

Unlike many of our 'competitors', we do not accept trade ins from the general public. This means that you are not buying a phone that somebody else got rid of, you will be buying a phone that was approved for resale based on a number of factors including device age, cosmetic condition, previous life of the phone and more. 

Where do we get our smartphones from ? 

We source all of our stock from the main carrier networks across Ireland, The U.K. & America. Where do these networks get them ? They are made up of ex corporate phones, that get sent back to the networks every 12 months, and a lot of the newer models are 'open-box returns', which were opened and not used, but cannot be resold as brand new! Each device is tested both by the supplier before they send it to us, and then again by us before we approve it.