What is a refurbished iPhone and why should I buy one ?

  • By Smartphonesdirect Ireland

When Apple releases a new line of iPhones many people upgrade, and they generally get rid of their old iPhones. 


Because the term refurbished covers a lot of different scenarios, it’s important to take your time and understand what you’re buying. A refurbished iPhone is an iPhone that the manufacturer or a trader has tested and repaired where necessary. It should come with a warranty, but it may not have the original packaging or accessories, and it might have some signs of cosmetic damage.

Some refurbished iPhone's will be devices owners returned because there was a fault or simply because they decided they didn’t want them. Others will have been used and then sold by the owner, perhaps to raise funds for a newer model.

To help buyers understand the difference, a grading system is often used. The precise meanings may differ from manufacturer to manufacturer or trader to trader, so read listings carefully, but these are generally accepted definitions:

  • Grade A — Near mint condition, so the iPhone should look like new.
  • Grade B — Minor cosmetic damage, such as light scratches, or small chips.
  • Grade C — Looks used with clear signs of wear.


You can find deals on refurbished iPhone's at a wide variety of retailers and carriers. There are also many online services that buy used iPhone's and refurbish them for sale. 

We at Smartphones Direct have the best reputation in the industry, due to our extensive one year and one day warranty, our 14 day full money back guarantee if you change your mind, and our amazing customer service. 



Selecting the right iPhone is about more than being happy with the price and condition — you must check the details of the warranty being offered. If your refurbished iPhone develops a fault, a good warranty allows you to arrange a replacement or refund. Look for a minimum 6-month warranty, make sure that you understand what is covered, and consider who is responsible — the retailer, trader, or manufacturer — as that’s who you’ll have to deal with if something does go wrong.

Smartphones Direct are one of the only retailers of refurbished Apple iPhone's who include the battery capacity under the warranty, when you read the small print for the warranty offered by other retailers, this is not covered,  yet it is the most important part of the warranty!

Keep in mind that even when you can return the iPhone for a replacement or refund, it will likely be your responsibility to pay for postage (unless you buy from Smartphones Direct, who are generous enough to pay for return postage) . You should also consider performing due diligence by checking out reviews of the service you’re considering using. Find out how other people’s experiences have been and what kind of customer service you can expect should you need it.

Now that you know how to buy a refurbished iPhone, it’s time to snag yourself a bargain! 

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