Introduction to Smartphone Photography

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Introduction to Smartphone Photography

Introduction to Smartphone Photography

Taking photos or video in low light conditions is always challenging.  We hope to address some of the issues to help you get the most out of your refurbished device.


To start, your smartphones camera will operate on automatic, knowing there is a limit, and what may improve quality can help.


Cameras cannot focus on things too close, often on smartphones this will be approximately 5cm depending on the model.  If you’d like a closer close-up, do hold your phone further back and zoom in, by doing a 2 finger zoom as in the picture.

 Smartphones Direct Pinch Zoom

Light is allowed in through an aperture (like the iris of your eye folding out bigger or smaller), for a specified time (like a curtain opening and closing for small fractions of a second) called shutter speed.  The combination of these two balances to effect the brightness of the overall photo.

Smartphones Direct Aperture

Your camera will automatically adjust for this, but you can tap on one part of the image to override this.  The drawback is that this will effect the focus of your picture too.

The slower your shutter speed, the blurrier your photo.  Also, the faster the object, the more it is blurred.  If you find too much movement, this is why.

 Smartphones Direct Blur

Graininess is not something you’ll notice, unless it is fairly dark.  The reason for this is that cameras have a limit on the shutter speed and aperture, and will only go further by making the blocks that make up the photo bigger and bigger.  This is called iso, it cannot be compensated for, you need to increase the light.


There are apps you can download to give more control of these variables for Android and for iOS, linked below.  These do give a range of options that are more technical, and will require a little practice, but can give very interesting effects.


There are also accessories available online, like clip on lenses to give further functionality.

 Smartphones Direct Accessories


We do hope you found this blog helpful, for further reading, there are links below to get more out of your smartphone camera.


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